Dirty Martini


Can’t beat the 5-8PM Happy Hour EVERYDAY (including weekends)! Half price on select drinks and appetizers!

Happy hour is in the open air, covered area. Some of our favorite appetizers are the garlic Parmesan wings and the spinach dip although they change what’s offered every pretty frequently so all of those may no longer be offered under happy hour.

Our favorite martinis are the q-cumber, the Monday Blues and the St. Thyme. The boys usually get mixed drinks, which many are offered at half price for house liquor. Don’t have a sweet tooth? Order your drink without the agave syrup!

As for a place to go for good music and dancing on a Friday/ Saturday night, this is the best place, in my honest opinion, that PBG/ Jupiter has to offer (Rooftop is my favorite in West Palm, which I will review later). It offers a mixture of top 40, 90s/early 2000s, hip hop, EDM and some Spanish music mixed in. Wouldn’t recommend for those of you who like to get shown up on the dance floor. My husband does a pretty mean twerk and developed a fan club last time we were there!

The dance area is relatively small and it is not usually very crowded, which is the way we prefer it (Ollie needs room for all his moves!) Probably not a good recommendation for those of you who are looking to find yourself an SO (try Rooftop instead), but it’s still a great place to have a lot of fun with friends!

Need some mediocre dance partners on a Friday/ Saturday night? We’re in!


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