Mini Golfing at Lighthouse Cove!

2 tracks with 18 holes each: Paradise Falls and Lost Lagoon

Both sides are super fun! Will say that I thought Paradise Falls was a bit more challenging, but that might have had to do with it being 95 degrees out with lots of mosquitoes (which reminds me, remember to bring bug spray if you’re there around sunset!)

Arrived hungry, so we had a late Lunch at Burger Shack, which is the restaurant on site. Food was pretty good, specifically the buffalo chicken tenders, the mozzarella sticks and the hot dog. Would not recommend the parmesan fried brussels sprouts, as they were not very flavorful. Found out that they have ladies nights on Wednesday with bottomless red or white sangria and AYCE ribs on Thursdays, which was a nice surprise! Will definitely come back here for one of those specials!

Got a bucket of beer (5 tall boys of Landshark for $20, not bad!) and a cold glass of Chardonnay for Darrah for each round of golf, and ice cream from Three Scoops in between rounds. It was a Sunday evening/ night so the place was not too crowded! Definitely would recommend to anyone, kids or no kids, as the place is very clean and well kept! I’d imagine it might be unbearable though in the heat of the day, as there is not a whole lot of options for shade.

Look for coupons for Buy One, Get One, specifically in the Super Saver books!

Can’t wait to go back, wish it wasn’t Sunday already!


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