Taco Chula

My love letter to Taco Chula:

Oh Taco Chula, how I adore you so. You have never let me down and for that, I am so grateful. (Except on Sunday when you are closed which is when I crave you more than ever)

This gem is easy to miss because it is a tiny restaurant in the back of the Dunkin Donuts plaza on the corner on PGA and Military Trail. But don’t let its square footage make you think it isn’t enormously delicious. I have had every item on the menu (not an exaggeration) and everything is awesome. The gordita (pictured above) and tamales are my favorites. But you cannot go wrong with their tortas, burritos, tacos or quesidallas. They also have fabulous pico de gallo and authentic sweet plantains. For dessert, I always get their mini flan, but they also have churros for the fried fans out there. Top to bottom this place is great. The service is fast and friendly, the decor is lovely, and the food is to die for. If you are in the mood for Mexican, don’t go anywhere else.

Chips and pico de gallo, Sweet plantains, and chicken gordita.

What are you waiting for?

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