Sushi Yama

If you love sushi, then you will LOVE Sushi Yama. The food is fabulous (and comes out quickly) and the wait staff is wonderfully attentive and polite. I love miso soup, and therefore judge pretty harshly when I try it at a new place. Nothing disappoints me more than getting mediocre watered down miso soup. You don’t ever have to worry about that here! I love their soup so much, that when I am sick I always come here and get a quart of it to take home.

You can almost smell how delicious it is from the picture.

Their sushi is as equally magnificant as their miso soup. We have our favorite signature sushi rolls that we rotate between every time we come here. My favorite has to be the Tuna Tower roll.

It is lightly fried with a heap of tuna on top, and garnished with a potato chip and eel sauce. Heavenly.

The others are all great but tonight we happened to get the Orange Dragon, and Super Rainbow rolls.

I almost always get the sushi because it is so good, but their menu is huge and includes Thai and Chinese food as well. There is really something here for everyone. You will not regret this place becoming you new favorite sushi bar!

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  1. Tiff says:

    OMG that looks AMAZING 😛 I love sushi and that soup looks so good! Thanks for sharing! 😘 Now I’m starving lol


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