Alaina’s Bake Shoppe & Café

This is definitely one of my favorite brunch spots! From the complimentary mini muffins to the soups, quiches, and paninis, everything here is delicious. Alaina’s is also a bakery, so you can get delicious cupcakes and pastries for dessert!

I come here pretty regularly because the food is amazing and I love supporting local businesses. I have never had something I didn’t like. I love getting the soup and quiche combo, but you can also get a soup and salad or panini combo as well. You will be happy no matter what!

Roasted zucchini soup
Organic chicken sausage with asiago cheese and carmelized onions
Blueberry mini muffins!

Here is the menu, so you can start salivating before you arrive!

Not only does everything taste great, but the food is also beautifully presented. Here is some food art from my last visit. (Not all the food is mine, btw)

Pesto Chicken panini with side of Cole slaw
Fig n Delicious panini with house salad
Pesto Chick panini with house salad
Reeces cup, carrot, red velvet, and chocolate mini cupcakes!

I hope I have effectively conveyed how much I love Alaina’s Bakeshop. And I hope you go and fall in love for yourself!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tiff says:

    OMG! This looks so good! Love all the food you guys post on here! YUM!!


    1. darrahsellars says:

      Thanks Tiff! This place really is fabulous. 🤩


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