Indus Indian Lunch Buffet

Not everyone loves trying exotic foods, but for those of you who do, Indus is a great choice! We’ve actually never ordered off the menu, but instead go there for their all you can eat Lunch Buffet, which is offered from M-F 11:30A-2:30P and 12:00P-3:00P on weekends. Like many of the restaurants we’ve reviewed, it is sort of a hidden gem, located in a strip mall near the Palm Beach Outlets. The place is always swarmed with people from all different backgrounds, whether they’re trying to enjoy an authentic cuisine experience from back home or looking to try something new!

The buffet offers a wide variety of vegetarian and meat dishes, and as you can see from the pictures below, I like to try every one! The staff are always willing to help, especially for those of you with dietary restrictions. Whether you want a more popular dish like a Chicken Tikka Masala, something spicy like a Lamb Vindaloo or Tandoori Chicken, or something colorful and different like the Palak Paneer, you can have it all, served with a side of Basmati Rice. Also, if you’re looking for something crunchy, they offer fried croquettes. Honestly not sure what’s in the croquettes, but you really can’t beat chickpeas, veggies and spices mixed all together, battered and fried! Again, I haven’t had anything there that I did not like, but I am also very adventurous when it comes to trying new foods!

Plate #1, a hodgepodge of the buffets offerings.

The waitstaff will also bring freshly baked Naan (similar to pita, but more buttery and there IMHO, better) to the table, which is perfect for dipping in the rainbow of sauces on your plate. If you’re wanting a little extra flavor for an extra fee, the garlic naan and the cheese naan are also great choices! As a part of the buffet, they offer a pre-made traditional Chai tea blended with milk as well as sweet dessert options: Kheer (rice pudding) and Gajar Halwa (shredded carrot cooked in condensed milk).

Plate #2, picked out a couple of my favorites.

A few tips:

  • Come in with an open mind to trying new things, you never know what you’re going to like!
  • Come hungry- we have never left without a 110% full stomach!
  • Don’t fill up on just rice and naan, although it is easy to do because they are both so good!
Indas’s Hours

Happy buffet-ing!


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