Jupiter Donuts

I feel like I should send out a notice:

Dear Coworkers,

Adele Lolus has officially started on a journey to eat healthier. If you could please stop bringing in such delicious, eye-catching treats, which causes her to question her self control on a daily basis, that would be great. If you do choose to bring in goodies, please stop placing them on the kitchen table outside of her office. It’s really counter-intuitive for her to eat desserts while she’s trying to get her steps in.


Let’s be real, the treats will never end and my self-control will never be strong enough to just let it go, especially today when someone brought in Jupiter Donuts.

I typically have a lot of preferences when it comes to donuts, but I’ve never met a Jupiter Donut I didn’t like! Whether it’s glazed, frosted, cake, yeast, topped with coconut or Butterfinger, filled with jelly or cream, it is all good! Plus the donuts are the size of your head, so you really can’t go wrong!

A Cinnamon Sugar Glazed Donut starts my workday off right!

One of the things I admire most about Jupiter Donuts, other than it being locally owned, is the company’s creativity! Who knew there could be so many different varieties of donuts! They also do seasonal donut flavors and decorations, like flamingos in the summertime and pumpkins in the fall!

Their coffee is always hot and tastes great, though I will admit that I am not a coffee connoisseur. I’ve also seen they have donut sandwiches with bacon, eggs, cheese, etc. which I have never tried, and probably never will because I feel like I can’t top perfect (a donut by itself!)

A Dozen Jupiter Donuts sitting outside my office! Praying I have the self control to only eat one!

Located off of A1A, right across the train tracks, Jupiter Donuts is truly a local favorite and their donuts are out of this world. If you’d like to feel like a kid in a candy shop (seriously, so. many. options) during your morning rush or want to bring home a dozen for friends and family (or yourself, no judgement!), head on over to Jupiter Donuts!


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  1. Tiff says:

    Ugh! I LOVE Jupiter Donuts! We have co-workers bring these in all the time! They’re so good and do have such a variety. They also don’t leave that ucky after taste and indigestion that Dunkin Donuts does, I mean I like Dunkin don’t get me wrong but they’re definitely not Jupiter. 😉 Great post!


    1. Adele Lolus says:

      I know, I haven’t actually been to the store in a while but I just love how colorful it is! Perfect way to start the day for everything 😂 I would never hate on Dunkin’… they’re just different and I appreciate supporting local, small businesses! Thanks for being such a loyal follower, Tiffany! I hope you’ll join us on our restaurant hopping adventures one of these days!


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