Grilled Chicken Dinner

Today’s post is not all about a specific recipe because sometimes, you just don’t have time to time to go to the store and get ingredients! This post also gives some great hints on how to make simple things (like grilled chicken) taste better, using a few, low cost kitchen gadgets.

The final product!

To start off with the chicken, Ollie and I love buying our chicken breasts in bulk because it’s so much cheaper that way. We try to buy chicken breasts either from Costco or when they are BOGO at Publix. When we get home, we cut the breasts in half, put them in freezer bags and split them between the fridge and the freezer!

Thankful for my meat thermometer!

Some tricks on cooking delicious, juicy grilled chicken:

  • defrost the chicken completely. I try to put the bag in the fridge 24-48 hours before cooking, but if in a pinch, put it in lukewarm water for 20-30 minutes or  if you’re really in a pinch, put it in the microwave on defrost!
  • if you haven’t done so already, cut chicken breasts in half and trim off all of the fat. Cutting it in half not only saves time, it also leads to a juicier chicken!
  • Marinade is always the way to go (if you can remember it ~24 hours in advance), but if not season simply, with salt and pepper or a dry rub like this one from the midnight baker which you can make ahead and store!
  • use an electronic meat thermometer to make sure your chicken is cooked! No more cutting your chicken breasts to shreds trying to see if the middle is all white.
  • use a grill pan to get those char marks, if that is something you like! I recommend the Lodge Cast Iron Square Grill Pan!
Easy and delicious side option!

Suggested sides available in the frozen section, with some possible additions for extra flavor:

  • butternut squash risotto with parmesan cheese & Sea salt (pictured above)
  • steamed broccoli with lemon and black pepper
  • Green beans with 1/2 tsp butter and sliced almonds

I also like to add a side of fruit to every meal, which I typically eat instead of dessert. Today I chose golden kiwi, which is a sweeter version of regular kiwi, and was purchased at Costco! We also like green grapes, red cherries, and watermelon, depending on the season, for a sweet treat at dinnertime!

I hope you enjoy these healthy (low carb and gluten free!), quick dinner ideas!


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