Grilled Cheese Gallery

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first because when I walked in (at noon on a Saturday) the place was completely empty. I was concerned that maybe the food wouldn’t be very good since there was no one there, but I grabbed a menu anyways and started pondering my options.

It must have been a fluke, because in the 3 minutes that I took to read the menu and decide on my food, about 15 people (in multiple groups) walked in and suddenly the place was busy.

I ordered my food and a frozen Rosé drink and sat down at a cute little 2 person table. I admired the adorable decor and enjoyed the fabulous 80s music that was playing and before I knew it my frozé and poutine arrived at my table.

The Scarlet Poutine.

Let me start by saying that I have had lots of poutine, and at the time I considered it to be good, or even really good poutine.

But this was in a league of its own.

Best. Poutine. Ever.

The fries were great, the cheese curds delicious, and the aioli delightful… but the gravy was outstanding! All the flavors melded together perfectly and I seriously could not stop eating it. I assume they use the same gravy for all the poutine dishes, so I bet they are all amazing, but if you like spicy food then you have to try the scarlet! (It is quite spicy so be prepared)

The frozé was quite honestly perfect. It was super hot outside and the ice helped cool my tastebuds from the spicy poutine.  I was worried that it might be too sweet because of the added simple syrup, but they use a very dry rosé so the sugar evened it out without being overpowering. The mint and the berries added subtle flavor also, and made it that much better.

Before I had even finished half of the poutine, the main dishes came out. And they were just as beautiful and they were delicious.

The Country Girl with added carmelized onions and a side of tomato soup.
The Country Boy with barbeque sauce and a side of tomato soup.

The grilled cheese sandwiches here are not your run of the mill sandwiches. Although they do have plain cheese and bread for the unadventurous, most menus items are unique and creative! I never would have thought to put mac and cheese on a grilled sandwich, but I am so glad they did! I LOVED the country girl with carmelized onions. The tomato soup was fabulous and it was the perfect compliment to the sandwich. I highly recommend upgrading to the larger dipping size or to a cup.

I had such a great experience here.  The music,  friendly staff, cute decor and amazing food made for a perfect lunch spot! There are several two person tables, and a 6 person table outside under a beautiful flower covered pavilion. I will definitely be back!


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