Bowlero (Formally AMF & Jupiter Lanes)

Some may say that bowling alleys have the same bleak future as the skating rink. My crystal ball is pretty unreliable so I can’t say what the future holds but I can say that I always have a good time bowling. I have been to this location when it was Jupiter Lanes, then when it was AMF (briefly) and now that it is Bowlero. Although the layout is the same, there have been significant upgrades to the entire facility. I remember back when it was Jupiter Lanes the bowling balls would get stuck behind the pins, the mechanical pin grabbers would get stuck in the down position, or the score screen would freeze on a fairly regular basis. Now with the new management those issues are a thing of the past.

There is fun lighting, lots and lots of screens, and reliably good music. The ball returns are new and quick, the tables and booths are convenient and comfortable and there are new screens at each lane to order food and beverages.

At any bar food type venue I generally lower my expectations. It’s hard to mess up fried food, but it’s also hard to make them amazingly delicious. The boneless wings were seasoned well, the fries were surprisingly good, and the mozzarella sticks were as delicious as battered and fried cheese normally is. My husband also got a buffalo chicken melt that was surprisingly good. Overall, I would say the food was definitely above average.

In addition to the nice new bowling equipment, the good food, and the nice decor, there is a new and greatly enlarged arcade area. There are multiple air hockey tables, basketball cages, racing and carnival games and a photobooth. This is definitely a fun place to let out your competitive side.

If you aren’t into bowling or arcade games, there is also a beautiful and large fully stocked bar.

For 3 games and shoe rental it was about $16 per person. They have $2 Tuesdays where each game and shoe rental is $2, and they also have reduced prices for college night on Thursdays. The food and drinks are a little pricey, but they are probably about average for the Jupiter area.

If you want a fun and different way to spend an afternoon or evening, try Bowlero!

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