Mindquest Escape Games Jupiter

Whether you’re waiting for a delicious dinner at Food Shack (which I’ll have to do a review of soon!) or you’re looking for something to do with friends, family or co-workers, Mindquest Escape Games Jupiter is a great choice! Dallas and Darrah found a Groupon that can be used Monday-Thursday (the whole experience takes about an hour and a half), so we met up after work. We had an absolute blast!

After the game was over!

We did the Diamond Heist, which was challenging but fun! Being a group of scientists/ engineers, we overthought every obstacle and had the facilitators laughing at us! Our best advice is to not assume that everything is complicated, some of the clues are right in front of your face! We really liked how this Escape Room was well equipped, with a great introduction video and an iPad that kept the time and gave us hints when we got stuck (and we certainly needed it!)

It took us about 57 minutes, but we got the diamond! We can’t wait to try the Bomb one someday soon!


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