Pizza Girls- Palm Beach Gardens

Pizza Girls is an amazing pizza joint and a local, woman owned business (heck yeah, girl power!) located in the same plaza as Sushi Yama, Outback Steakhouse and Publix, located on the corner of Military Trail and PGA Blvd. It has an amazing brick bar inside, options for outdoor seating, and an amazingly creative wall (I completely…

Maplewood Bagel Market

Looking for a great local bagel and coffee place in Jupiter? Maplewood Bagel Market has got you covered! Fortunately, it is located about a quarter mile from my office, on Maplewood, across from the bowling alley. It is very convenient for those of you who live/work in the heart of Jupiter, are passing by on…

Grilled Cheese Gallery

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first because when I walked in (at noon on a Saturday) the place was completely empty. I was concerned that maybe the food wouldn’t be very good since there was no one there, but I grabbed a menu anyways and started pondering my options….

Jupiter Donuts

I feel like I should send out a notice: Dear Coworkers, Adele Lolus has officially started on a journey to eat healthier. If you could please stop bringing in such delicious, eye-catching treats, which causes her to question her self control on a daily basis, that would be great. If you do choose to bring…

Indus Indian Lunch Buffet

Not everyone loves trying exotic foods, but for those of you who do, Indus is a great choice! We’ve actually never ordered off the menu, but instead go there for their all you can eat Lunch Buffet, which is offered from M-F 11:30A-2:30P and 12:00P-3:00P on weekends. Like many of the restaurants we’ve reviewed, it…

Coopers Hawk

This is a fairly new restaurant (I believe it opened within the past year) but it has become a fast favorite of mine. If you like any type of wine, you will find something desirable at Coopers Hawk. My vino taste buds never developed past 12th grade so I love cheap, sweet, fruity wine. My…

Alaina’s Bake Shoppe & Café

This is definitely one of my favorite brunch spots! From the complimentary mini muffins to the soups, quiches, and paninis, everything here is delicious. Alaina’s is also a bakery, so you can get delicious cupcakes and pastries for dessert! I come here pretty regularly because the food is amazing and I love supporting local businesses….

Sushi Yama

If you love sushi, then you will LOVE Sushi Yama. The food is fabulous (and comes out quickly) and the wait staff is wonderfully attentive and polite. I love miso soup, and therefore judge pretty harshly when I try it at a new place. Nothing disappoints me more than getting mediocre watered down miso soup….

Taco Chula

My love letter to Taco Chula: Oh Taco Chula, how I adore you so. You have never let me down and for that, I am so grateful. (Except on Sunday when you are closed which is when I crave you more than ever) This gem is easy to miss because it is a tiny restaurant…

Okeechobee Steakhouse

Throwback to my 26th birthday dinner! Growing up in Tampa spoiled me because Bern’s Steakhouse (and more importantly the dessert room) is hard to beat, but Okeechobee Steakhouse comes in a close second. It boasts that it is the oldest steakhouse in Florida, started in 1947, and the steak and desserts are pretty darn good….